General Awareness Questions With Answers For Competitive Exams 2017

Knowledge never get wasted so collecting and getting knowledge has no limit, grab it more and more. Are you preparing for your upcoming govt competitive exams then we would like help you in raising some general awareness that usually comes in exams. With little search here we made list of basic 30 general awareness questions with their answers, so let’s have a look and we hope it works for you.

General Awareness Questions With Answers 2017 For Exams

General Awareness Questions With Answers 2017 For Exams

Basic 30 General Awareness Questions With Answers

1. How many states does India have-29 ( Couple of years back Andhra Pradesh got seperated and new state come up with the name Telangana)

2 . Where does the prime minister of India host the flag on 15th August- At Redfort

3. Who won women cricket world cup 2017 (WCWC)- England ( England defeated India by 9 runs in the final)

4. Which Bollywood actor became the first Indian actor to deliver TED speech in Vancouver, Canada- Shah Rukh Khan

5. The Indian cricket team reached at which position in the latest ICC ODI team rankings- 3rd

6. Which mosque is located in the middle of the sea- Haji Ali Dargah

7. Kuchipudi is a dance associated with which state of India-Andhra Pradesh

8. Which is India’s first artificial satellite- Aryabhata

9. Which is official language of Jammu & Kashmir- Urdu

10. Which Indian city manufactured balls for the World Cup football-Jalandhar

11. The famous Jamia Milia Islamia university is located in- New Delhi

12. Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis hoisted Indian’s 2nd tallest national flag where- In Kolhapur at 303 ft.

13. What is the range of Prithvi III, the naval version of Prithvi – 250 km-300 km

14. Who is the chairman of India’s recently launched GST – Aruj Jaitely 

15. Which Indian former cricketer has been appointed the head coach of the Indian cricket team- Ravi Shastri

16. Which planet is also referred to as a Dwarf planet- Pluto

17. Who Introduce English In India- Lord William Bentick

18. Taj Mahal is located on the bank of- Jamuna

19. Who established the Civil services in India-Lord Rippon

20. How many times a person can serve as Prime Minister of India- No Limit

21. What is the retirement age of Prime Minister Of India- No Limit

22. The process of producing energy in plants is known as- Photosynthesis

23. Which is the highest grossing movie all time- Avatar

24. Rajya Sabha member has tenure of- 6 years

25. Where Ellora caves is in India- Maharashtra

26. Who can initiate the process of removal of the president before the expiry of his term- Both house of the Parliament

27. The Article 343 of the Indian constitution is about- Hindi as official language

28. How much time Sun rays take to reach on earth – 8 min

29. Which is known as the brain of computer- CPU

30. Pulitzer prize is given in the filed of- Journalism

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