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General Knowledge is our basic requirement whether you are in profession or struggling for jobs. It is a need that make us stand in society. GK is all about keeping oneself updates with the knowledge form every field. Having a good knowledge of every field makes you smart in every sense and helps in build self confidence in itself. With deep search we have collected most general knowledge important questions with answers that definitely help you in every frame. 

GK Questions With Answers

GK Questions With Answers

GK Questions With Answers

1. Which Article of the Constitution abolishes untouchability- 17

2 . For the enforcement of Fundamental Rights, the Supreme Court may issue a/an- Writ

3 . The Chief Justice and other Judges of the High Court are appointed by the- President

4. Salaries of the Judges of the Supreme Court are drawn from the- Consolidate Fund

5 . Which of the following writs may be issued to enforce a Fundamental Right- Habeas Corpus

6. First Indian Woman to go into space- Kalpana Chawla

7. IST is ahead of GMT By- 5 Hrs 30 Min

8. Chicago is located on- Lake Michigan

9. India’s First Woman Prime Minister- Mrs. Indian Gandhi

10. India’s First Woman President- Pratibha Patil

11. Sattriya is a classical dance from of which state- Assam

12. “Atoms can neither be created nor destroyed” the principle was given by- Dalton

13. Who was the first Muslim President of Indian National Congress- Badruddin Taiyabji

14. The battle of Chillianwala was a part of- AngloSikh Wars

15 .Celcius is the unit of- Temperature

16. India is the world’s leading producer of mineral-Mica

17. The highest waterfall  ‘Angle Falls’ in the world is on- Orinico river, Venezuela

18. The first president of Constituent Assembly was- Sachidanand Sinha

19. The first battle of Panipat happend in year- 1526 (Babur defeats Lodhis)

20. Which of the river does not flow through the Himalayas- Godavari

21. To which king belongs the lion capitol of Sarnath- Ashoka

22. First world war run time was- 1914-18

23. The quit movement started in which year- 1942

24. The saltiest lake in the world- Lake Van (Turkey)

25. The river which forms the boundary between Russia and China- Amur

26. Whose death is mourned on Muharram- Iman Hussain

27. JPG extension refers usually to what kind of file- Image File

28. What was the name of Tipu Sultan’s Father- Haydar Ali

29. Which two revers form the world’s largest delta- Ganges and Brahmaputra

30. Who was the founder of the Gupta dynasty- Chandragupta I

31. Name the oldest mountain range in India- Aravalli

32. Mahatma Gandhi went to England to study what at University College London- Law


33. In which state Hawa Mahal is located- Rajasthan

34. Which is planet is closest to the Earth- Venus

35. From where does the river Ganga originate- Gaumukh

36. I follow the Mahatama is written by- K.M Munshi

37. Materials through which light cannot pass are said to be- Opaque

38. The Dronacharya Award is given to- Coaches

39. Jammu is situated on the river of- Tawi

40. How many bits are in a byte- 8

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