GK Questions For Class 5th | General Knowledge For Class 5

Introduce the world with your child, teach him/her daily basic general knowledge questions that you will make your kids more confidential than other.  Apart of regular study GK is must to stand oneself into the society.  General knowledge also helps to grow your child confidence level and may prove to be of some great help during some important events GK quiz competition, GD competition and debate competition. So with little search here we collected top 50 general knowledge questions with their answer for 5th class kids.

GK Questions For Class 5th

GK Questions For Class 5th

GK Questions For Class 5th

1. The normal boiling point of water is- 100 Degree

2. Which tree is known as national tree of India- Banyan Tree

3. Who written national anthem of India- Rabindranath Tagore

4. What is the chemical formula of water- H2O

5. Who is called father of nation- Mahatama Gandhi Ji

6. Who invented telephone- Alexander Graham Bell

7. Where is India’s first nuclear center- Tarapur

8. Who is lovingly called ChahCha Ji- Jawaharlal Nehru

9. The dance form Garba is associated with which state- Gujarat

10. Who was India’s longest serving Prime Minister- Jawaharlal Nehru

11. Lassi is a drink made from what dairy product- Yogurt

12. Which city is known as Pink City- Jaipur

13. Which planet is nearest to the sun- Mercury

14. World longest River- Nile

15. Lightest gas is- Hydrogen

16. Which is deepest ocean- Pacific Ocean

17. The Indian national army was founded by- Subhas Chandra Bose

18. India’s 14th President name is- Ramnath Kovind

19. Who was the first Indian woman to be honored with Bharat Ratna- Indira Gandhi

20. Australia lies between 2 oceans, name those oceans- Indian and Pacific

21. First Indian Woman to win Nobel Prize- Mother Teresa

22. The ISRO was founded by- Dr. Vikram A.Sarabhai

23. Highest mountain peak in the world- Mount Everest

24. Who was the first Indian to go in space- Rakesh Sharma

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25. Who is the Supreme Commander of the armed forces of our country- President

26. Which Leader used the slogan ‘Jai Hind’- Subhash Chandra Bose

27. Which is the largest desert in the world- Sahara Desert

28. Which is the largest bone in human body- Femur (thighbone)

29. When was Bangladesh separated from Pakistan-1971

30. How many states does India have-29

31. What is the ph value of pure water 7

32. First Indian woman to climb Mount Everest is- Bachendri Pal

33. Which acid is there in lemon- Citric acid

34. How many continents are in the world- 7

35. What is the name of first electric train of India- Deccan Queen

36. Who invented Television- John Logie Baird

37. Where the Ajanta caves are situated- Maharashtra

38. What is the name of border line between India and Pakistan- Radcliffe Line

39. What is the ratio of width to the length of National Flag of India- 2:3

40. Which gas commonly known as laughing gas- Nitrous oxide

41. Where is the headquarter of ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation)- Bengaluru

42. Where is the headquarter of DRDO ( Defence Research and Development Organization)- New Delhi

43. The prime minister of India is appointed by- President

44. Chief Justice of India is appointed by- President

45. How many layers are there in Earth’s atmosphere- 5

46. What is the ph value of human blood- 7.35 to 7.45

47. In which year of First World War started- 1914

48. Entomology is the science that studies- Insect

49. Panipat first battle fought in the year- 1526

50. Gandhi Ji started dandi march in the year- 1930

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