Indian History Questions With Answers For Competitive Exams

Get important Indian history questions which is highly recommended for competitive exams. We have prepared them in easiest way to make you clear in better way. The questions are the mixtures of ancient, medieval and modern. So without any wasting of time here we go. Check out most highlighted Indian history question with their answers hope it will works for you.

Indian History One Liner Questions With Answers

Indian History Questions With Answers For Competitive Exams

Indian History Questions With Answers For Competitive Exams

1. In pre historic period ‘Mesolithic Age’ running period was- 8000 BC to 4000 BC

2. In proto history Indus Valley Civilization running period was- 2500 BC to 1500 BC

3. Gautama Buddha founder of Buddhism born in- 563 BC

4. First battle of Panipat which was fought between Babur & Ibrahim Lodhi occurred in- 1526 

5. Study of development of scripts is called- Palaeography

6. Who was the founder of Haryanka Dynasty- Bimbisara

7. Battle of Haldighati which was fought between Akbar and Rana Pratap occurred in-1576

8. The home rule league founded by- Annie Besant

9. The author of Arthashastra was a contemporary of- Chandragupta Maurya

10. Which Mughal Emperor transferred the Mughal capital from Agra to Delhi- Shahjahan

11. Ajanta Caves were built during the period of- Gupta

12. Which battle decided the full control of British in India- Buxar

13. Who is the founder of Janism in India- Mahavira

14. Which was the first municipal corporation set up in India in the year 1687- Madras Municipal Corporation

15. In which year, first census was conducted in India- 1872

16. Tulsidas worte Ram Charit Manas in the reign of- Akbar

17. The first woman to preside over UN General Assembly- Vijaylakshami Pandit

18. Who betrayed Siraj-Ud-Daula in battle of Plassey in 1757- Mir Jaffar

19. There are no politics devoid of religion is stated by-Gandhi Ji

20. The tomb of Jahangir was built at- Lahore

21. The first Indian woman to preside a session of Indian National Congress was- Sarojini Naidu

22. Sun Temple at Konark was built by- Narsimha I

23. Poona Pact was agreement between- Gandhi and Ambedkar

24. Who gave the title ‘Sardar’ to Vallabhai Patel- Gandhi Ji

25. National song, Vande Mataram was first sung in the session of- Calcutta (1896)

26. During Quit India Movement, parallel government was constituted in- Ballia

27. Bibi-Ka-Maqabra is located in India at- Aurangabad

28. Who was the first Indian to qualify for the Indian Civil Services- Satyendra Nath Tagore

29. Who was the viceroy when the Delhi became capital of British India- Lord Hardinge

30. Who was called the ‘Father Of Local Self Government’ in India- Lord Ripon

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