GK Quiz Test For 6th Class | GK Quiz Online Test Class 6

Spend quality of time with your kids to play some quiz basic knowledge questions regarding all fields. In this competitive world raise your child with strong basic General Knowledge which is strongly required. Here we compiled some basic mix GK questions with multiple choice option in quiz format. So play with them boost their confidence level by sharing result with them.

GK Quiz Test For Class 6

GK Quiz Test For Class 6

GK Quiz Test Online For Class 6

#1 Bangladesh was formed in 1971, separated from which country?

#2 What is the minimum age required to sworn president of India

#3 Which is the largest gland in human body?

#4 What is healthy blood pressure level

#5 Who has written ‘Sare Jahan Se Acha’

#6 Which planet is nearest to the Sun?

#7 Which planet is closest to the Earth?

#8 What is the normal duration of Hockey game?

#9 Headquarter Of United Nation Organisation is situated at?

#10 In which state Malyalam language is spoken?

#11 World’s longest railway platform is in?

#12 Which is the deepest ocean?

#13 Which is the biggest planet?

#14 Who among the following fixes the salaries and the allowances of the speaker of Lok Sabha?

#15 If the President of India has to resign, to whom should he submit his resignation?

#16 Where is the headquarter Of SAARC is situated?

#17 Which article of constitution provide Indian citizen ‘Right To Equality’

#18 After Hindi, which is the second most spoken language in India?

#19 What is the currency of Russia?

#20 Charminar is located in ?



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