Indian Polity GK Questions For SSC 12 Level 2017

Indian Polity is also an essential ingredient of the question paper of General Awareness in SSC 12th level exams. So here we brought to you geography based general knowledge questions with their answers for govt exams. These are the questions which are asked frequently in exams like Railway, SSC CGL, SSC +2 Grade Level and other competitive exams. So guys if you are dreaming for govt jobs then we would like help you in best possible way. Hope these GK of Indian Polity help you in your upcoming exams and wish you all the very best.

Indian Polity Questions With Answers For SSC 12th Level

Indian Polity Questions With Answers For SSC 12th Level

Indian Polity GK Questions For SSC 10+2 Level

Article 32 of the Indian constitution Remedies for enforcement of rights conferred by this part deals with- The fundamental rights of the Indian citizen

Which factor is necessary for the development of democratic institutions- Respect for individual rights

How many states are there in the Indian Union- 29

Who was the constitutional adviser to the constituent assembly of India- Dr. BN Rao

The most profound influence on the drafting of the Indian Constitution was exercised by the- Govt Of India Act 1935

Universal adult franchise shows that India a country which is- Democratic

How many fundamental duties are there in our Indian Constitution- 11

In which year was Anti-Defection bill passed by the Indian Parliament- 1985

In the interim government formed in 1946, the Vice president of the executive council was- Jawaharlal Nehru

Who was the chairman of the drafting committee of the Indian constitution- BR Amedkar

How long did the constituent assembly take to finally pass the constitution- 3 years since Dec 9, 1946

Which article of the constitution enjoins the state to establish village panchayat- Article 40

In which year were the states recognized on a linguistic basis- 1956

Who has got the power to create all India Services- The Parliament

In the provisional parliament of India, how many members were there- 296

The Indian constitution was framed by the constitution assembly of India setup under- Cabinet Mission Plan May 16, 1946

The first meeting of constitution assembly took place on- 9 Dec, 1946

Constitution assembly adopted our National Flag on- 22 July 1947


Which was adopted from the Maurya dynasty in the emblem of Government of India- Four Lions

Who was the chairman of the union constitution committee of the constituent assembly- Jawaharlal Nehru

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