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GK Questions For Govt Exams 2018: Check out most important GK questions for all govt exams. In all competitive exams GK is given huge weightage. Here we compiled mix general knowledge which frequently asked in SSC, SSC CHSL, Railway, Banking Exams and other competitive exams. So guys if you are preparing for govt exams 2018, keep visiting daily to get quick reading on this space.

GK For Govt Exams

GK For Govt Exams

Most Important GK Questions

Group of 4 bits form a- Nibble

Barograph was invented by- Lucien Vidi

Diabetes is caused by- Low production of Insulin 

Sea-Anemones belongs to the phylum- Cnidaria

What is baking soda- Sodium bicarbonate

Elephanta caves is in- Maharashtra

Kathak is a classical dance from- North India

Value of total goods and services produced in a country is its- Gross Domestic Product

What is present inside the nucleus of an atom- Proton and Neutrons

Who was the founder of the Brahmo Samaj founded in 1828- Raja Ram Mohan Roy

How many maximum terms, a person can serve as Prime Minister of India- No Limit

If the president declares emergency then this proclamation must be approved by the Parliament within- One month

The arthashstra was written by- Chanakya

Name the poet who wrote ‘Prithiviraj Raso’ a poem describing Prithiviraj Chauhan’s life- Chand Bardai

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction is Newton’s- Third Law 

The Governor takes the oath of office by- Chief Justice of High Court

Which fundamental right is abolished by the 44th amendment- Right to Property

An Extraordinary Life, An Indian Destiny, is an biography on- Sonia Gandhi

The Desert Festival is held in-Jaisalmer

Name the hottest planet- Venus

Which device is used to measure the depth of ocean- Fathometer

The movement of Objective Resolution to guide the deliberations of the Assembly wast started by- Jawaharlal Nehru

Rajya Sabha member has tenure of__ years- 6

Who wrote the book Glimpse of Wold History- Jawaharlal Nehru

Arinthmometer was invented by- Charlex Xavier Thomas

Ranthambhore fort is in- Rajasthan

Dogri is Primarily spoken in which state- Jammu & Kashmir

Who played Gandhi in 1982’s Oscar winning movie of the same name- Ben Kingsley

Which is the closest star to our solar system- Proxima Centauri

Who was the eldest brother among the Pandavas– Yudhishthira

During the emergency all of the fundamentals rights are suspended, except- Personal liberty & Right to life

Who wrote the book, Indian Home Rule- M K Gandhi

Adding which substance give green color to glass- Chromium Oxide

In which direction does the earth rotates around its axis- West to East

Tipu Sultan was also know as Tiger of- Mysore 

Which bill can not originate in Rajya Sabha- Money Bill

Who can initiate the process of removal of the President before the expiry of his term- Both houses of the Parliament

The outermost layer of skin is- Epidermis

The English defeated the__in the battle of Wandiwash- French

Ramcharitmanas is an epic poem written in which language- Awadhi


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