Important Battles GK Questions | List Of All Battles In Indian History

List of Important Battles In Indian History: Here the most important category of Indian History in which 1 or 2 questions are generally asked in govt exams. The question on Indian history battles may come in match the following form or in single form. Here we compile all important questions on Indian history battles which have been asked frequently in SSC GCL, SSC CHSL,Railway and others competitive exams.

List of All Important Battles In Indian History

List of All Important Battles In Indian History

List Of All Battles In Indian History

  • First battle of Tarain– 1191 (Prithiviraj Chauhan Defeats Sultan Mohammad Ghori)
  • 2nd Battle of Tarain– 1192 (Sultan Mohammad Ghori Defeats Prithiviraj Chauhan)
  • Battle of Chandawar– 1193 or 1194 (Muhammad Ghori defeated Jaichandra Gaharwar)
  • First Battle of Panipat – 1526 Babur defeated Ibrahim Lodi
  • Battle of Khanwa– 1527 (Babur defeated Rana Sanga)
  • Battle of Ghagara– 1529 ( Babur defeated Afgani invaders)
  • Battle of Chuasa– 1539 (Sher Shah Suri or Sher Khan defeated Humayun)
  • Battle of Kannauj (or Bilgram)- 1540 (Sher Shah Suri or Sher Khan defeated Humayun)
  • 2nd Battle of Panipat– 1556 (Bairam Khan defeated Hemu)
  • Battle of Talikota– 1565 (Muslim rulers in Deccan defeats and destroys vijayanagar Empire)
  • Battle of Haldighati – 1576- (Akbar defeats Rana Pratap)
  • Battle of Karnal– 1739 (Nadir Shah defeated Mohd.Shah)
  • Battle of Plassey– 1757 (The British Lord Clive defeated Siraj-ud-Daula)
  • Battle of Wandiwash– 1760 (The Bitish forces defeated the French forces)
  • Third Battle of Panipat– 1761 (Ahmed Shah Abdali defeated the Marathas)
  • The battle of Buxar– 1764 ( The British defeat Shah Alam, Shuja-ud-daula and Mir Qasim)
  • First Anglo Mysore War– 1767-69 (Hyder Ali defeated the English forces)
  • Second Anglo Mysore War – (1780-84) Hyder Ali died in the battle (1782) and subsequently led by his son Tipu Sultan. The war concluded with the Treaty of Mangalore (1784).
  • Third Anglo Mysore War- 1789-92 (The English forces defeated Tipu Sultan. Treaty of Srirangapatnam was signed)
  • Fourth Anglo Mysore War- 1799 (Tipu Sultan was defeated and killed by the English forces)
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