SSC CHSL Last Year Exams Solved GK | SSC 12th Level GK

Here we brought to you the collection of previous SSC CHSL exams gk with answers. In all competitive exams GK consists huge weight-age. Here we compiled mix general knowledge which frequently asked in SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, Railway, Banking Exams and other competitive exams. So guys if you are preparing for govt exams 2018, keep visiting daily to get quick reading on this space.

SSC CHSL Last Year Exams Solved GK

SSC CHSL Previous Year Solved GK

SSC CHSL Previous Year Solved GK

  1. Which programming language is developed by James A Gosling- Java
  2. Kaleidoscope was invented by- David Brewster
  3. The nitrogenous waste of Human Beings is- Urea
  4. Haustoria or sucking roots are found in- Cuscuta
  5. Equs Asinus is the scientific name of- Donkey
  6. Rashtrapati Bhavan was built in- 1910
  7. Santhara is a religious ritual of community- Jain
  8. The ionosphere overlaps with which two layers of the atmosphere- Exosphere and Thermosphere
  9. Carcinogenic chemicals cause- Cancer
  10. First country to appointment Lokpal or equivalent to a Lokpal is- Sweden
  11. Which is the oldest mountains in India- Aravallis
  12. Which country is the largest producer of Rice- China
  13. Who built Jama Masjid- Shah Jahan
  14. Battle of Haldighati was fought in the year- 1576
  15. First Indian woman to get Bharat Ratna- Indira Gandhi
  16. When ice floats on water, its__ part remains outside the water- 0.1 
  17. Instrument for measuring low temperature is called- Cryometer
  18. In Lok Sabha the total number of members from states is- 530
  19. At the time of emergency in 1975, who was serving as the President of India- Fakhruddin Ai Ahmed
  20. Ghumura is a folk dance of- Odisha
  21.  Chandragupta Maurya was an ardent follower of- Jainism
  22. Who has the record of highest number of Gold Medals in the history of Olympics- Michael Phelps
  23. Which fort is also known as the Golden Fort- Jaisalmer
  24. Which Indian lake is renowned as the Lagoon lake of India- Chilika Lake
  25. When was the Election Commission of India formed- 1950
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