SSC CHSL Previous Year GK With Answers Part 2

SSC 12th Grade Last Year GK Questions Answers: Check out previous year GK questions which have been asked in various sift of SSC CHSL. In all competitive exams GK consists huge weight-age. Here we compiled mix general knowledge which frequently asked in SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, Railway, Banking Exams and other competitive exams. So guys if you are preparing for govt exams 2018, keep visiting daily to get quick reading on this space.

SSC CHSL Previous Year GK With Answers

SSC CHSL Previous Year GK With Answers

SSC CHSL Previous Year GK With Answers Part II

  1. __is a volatile memory of a computer- RAM
  2. Postage Meter was invented by- Arthur Pitney
  3. Ringworm is a disease caused by- Fungi
  4. Mangifera Indica is the scientific name of- Mango
  5. Crabs belongs to the phylum- Arthropoda
  6. Who invented the modern periodic table- Mendeleev
  7. The famous Brihadeshwara Temple is located in- Thanjavur
  8. Maithili is primarily spoken in which state- Bihar
  9. Which law states that bad money drives good money out of circulation- Gresham’s Law
  10. Pune was once known as the capital of- Peshwas
  11. Total number of countries in the world are- 195
  12. Mars is also known as- Red planet 
  13. Chand Bibi was the ruler of- Ahmednagar 
  14. Why metal conduct electricity- Because Of Electrons 
  15. To become the member of the Rajya Sabha a person should be at least__year old- 30
  16. How many schedules does the Indian constitution have- 12
  17. When is International Olympic Day observed- 23rd June
  18. Who developed the idea of Crop Rotation- Tumip Townsend
  19. How many facial bone are there- 14
  20. Halophytes are plants that grown in- Salt Water
  21. Felis Catus is the scientific name of- Cat
  22. What is used to prevent freezing of fuel in space crafts- Glycol
  23. Victoria Memorial in Kolkata was proposed to be built by- George Gurzon
  24. Lavani is folk dance of- Maharashtra 
  25. Name the first country that has banned Pokemon Go- Iran
  26. Melghat Tiger Reserve is located in which state- Maharashtra 
  27. Fundamental duties are included in the Indian constitution by the__Amendment- 42nd
  28. In which year was the first Five Year Plan launched in India- 1951
  29. Who is the former body builder, who became a film star and a governor- Arnold Schwarzenegger
  30. The transfer of data from one application to another in a computer system is known as- Dynamic Data Exchange
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