GK Questions Answers For Class 5

Here we brought some GK questions for class 5 students. Apart of regular subjects teach them also general knowledge that will help your child to be confident amongst others. These gk questions will not help in building confidence but also encourage them to participate in gk quiz competitions and other competitions that usually organised by schools.

GK Questions Answers For Class 5

GK Questions Answers For 5th Class

GK Questions Answers For 5th Class

1. The government adopted the national emblem on- 26th January 1950

2. Sea route to India was discovered by- Vasco-da-gama

3. India derives its name from- The River Indus

4. Study of the universe is known for- Cosmology

5. Where is knoark temple- Odisha

6. The National Flag adopted by constituent assembly on- 22 July 1947

7. Who was popularly known as the Missile Man Of India- Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

8. When was Bhopal gas tragedy happened- Dec 1984

9. First world war held in- 1914

10. Largest desert in the world is- Sahara Desert

11. The National Anthem was adopted by constituent assembly on- 24th January 1950

12. First Indian to win Nobel prize- Ranbindra Nath Tagore

13. Macmohan line demarcates the boundary between which countries- India and China

14. The National Calendar was adopted by the government of India- 22 March 1957

15. Name the biggest planet in our solar system- Jupiter

16. India won the first cricket world cup in- 1983

17. Where is Humayun’s tomb- Delhi

18. The minimum age required to become the prime minister of India is- 25

19. Bangladesh was formed in 1971, separated from which country- Pakistan

20. The Constitution of India was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on- 26th Nov,             1949

21. World environment day is celebrated on- 5th June

22. The world largest delta Sundarbans delta forms which rivers- Ganga-Brahmaputra

23. Who is the founder of Facebook- Mark Zuckerberg

24. What is the full form of WiFi- Wireless Fidelity

25. The Constitution of India came into force on- 26th January, 1950

26. The major cause of tide is- The moon’s gravity

27. What minimum age is required to become President of India- 35 or Above

28. Where is Sanchi Stupa- Madhya Pradesh

29. Which planet is nearest to the earth- Venus

30. Who has written the national song- Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay

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