SSC CHSL GK Questions Answers Asked Previous Years

SSC CHSL 2018 approaching near and we hope your preparation is going well for the exam that is to be conducted on March 2018. So, If you are preparing for upcoming SSC CHSL then here we have brought to you GK questions with answers list which can’t be ignored. In all competitive exams GK consists huge weight-age. Here we compiled mix general knowledge which frequently asked in SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, Railway, Banking Exams and other competitive exams. So guys if you are preparing for govt exams 2018, keep visiting daily to take quick reading on this space.

SSC CHSL GK Aksed In Previous Year

SSC CHSL GK Aksed In Previous Year

SSC CHSL Last Year Asked GK Question Answers 

  1. Which is the biggest building at Mohenjodaro- Great Granary 
  2. One of the common forms of representing remote sensing data as information is in the form of- Thematic Maps
  3. Bhakra Nagal  Project is constructed across which river- Sutlej
  4. The group of solar cells joined together in a definite pattern is called a- Solar Cell panel
  5. Mohammed Bin Tuglaq transferred his capital from- Delhi to Devagiri 
  6. The reverse effect X-ray emission is- Photo-electric effect
  7. What is the name of the deadly volcano in Indonesia that erupted again in May 2016- Mount Singabung
  8. The world’s largest and deepest rail tunnel Gotthard Based tunnel is located in which country- Switzerland
  9. The wheeler Island has been renamed as- Abdul Kalam Island
  10. The connective tissue that connects a muscles to a bone is- Tendon
  11. Indian Citizenship is granted by- The Ministry of Home Affairs
  12. The working committee of National congress sanctioned the resolution named ‘Quit India’ at- Wardha
  13. Preservation of historical articles is done in science of- Museology
  14. ‘Alfalfa’ is the name of a- Grass
  15. The chemical that is used to ripen mangoes is- Calcium Carbide
  16. The term ‘smasher’ is associated with which sport- Volley Ball
  17. The longest railway line in the world connects- Leningrad and Vladivostok
  18. The chairman of the National Disasters Management Authority is- Prime Minister of India
  19. When the offices of the President and Vice president fall vacant simultaneously who act as president- The Chief Justice of India
  20. Goitre is caused by the deficiency of- Iodine
  21. The speaker of the Lok Sabha can be removed from his office by- A resolution passed by the Lok Sabha
  22. What does section 124A of Indian Penal Code deal with- Sedition
  23. Which instrument is used for photographing the sun- Spectroheliograph
  24. The daily weather Map of India is prepared and printed at- Pune
  25. The capital of the Maurya Kingdom was located at- Pataliputra
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