GK Questions Answers For SSC CHSL 2018

Here guys we brought to you most expected gk for upcoming SSC CHSL 2018. Previous year GK questions play important role in every competitive exams. These questions are frequently asked in SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, Railway, Banking Exams and other competitive exams. As per the new pattern now only 25 question will be asked from general knowledge section. So  here listed top 25 most important questions that are highly expected to be asked in your CHSL 2018.

GK For SSC CHSL 2018

GK For SSC CHSL 2018

Most Important GK For SSC CHSL 2018

  1. Kidney stones are composed of- Calcium Oxalate
  2. The common name of dichlorodifluoromethane is- Freon
  3. What is the capital of Finland- Helsinki
  4. The Razmnama is a Persian translation of the- Mahabharata
  5. Similipal Tiger Reserve is in which state- Odisha 
  6. Article 31C of the Indian Constitution “Saving of laws giving effect to certain directive principles” deals with- The fundamental rights of the Indian Citizen
  7. Who is the author of “Jaya”- Devdutt Pattanaik
  8. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus station was designed by- Frederick William Stevens
  9. Birbal was an advisor in the court of- Akbar
  10. Humayun’s Tomb is located is- Delhi
  11. Instrument for measuring blueness of the sky or ocean is called- Cyanometer
  12. Farad is unit of- Capacitance
  13. The Westminster parliamentary system was developed in- UK
  14. Who is the author of “India 2020”: A Vision for the New Millennium
  15. Myopia is a defect of eyes which is also known as- Farsightedness 
  16. Who is known as the father of Green Revolution- Dr. NE Borlaug
  17. Panthera Tigris is the scientific name of- Tiger
  18. Glass is also called- Supercooled Liquid 
  19. Pentane has__structural isomers- 3
  20. What strong drug that doctors give to people to make them calm or help them sleep- Barbiturate
  21. Which article specifies the Fundamental Duties of every citizen- 51A
  22. The Iron Pillar is located in- Qutb Minar Complex
  23. NaHCO3 is chemical formula for- Baking Soda
  24. Kud is a folk dance of- J&K
  25. The Governor takes the oath of office by- Chief Justice Of High Court
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