SSC CHSL 2018: Most Important Science GK Questions Answers

Here we compiled mixed questions on General Science where 4 to 6 questions generally asked from (Chemistry+Biology+Physics) in most of the competitive exams. These questions are really important in every exam point of view. As we know SSC CHSL is approaching near many of aspirants have been searching for GK about general science. The questions are the mixtures of Chemistry, Physics and Biology topic. So without any wasting of time here we go with most important Science GK questions with their answers and hope it will works for you in every upcoming exams.

SSC CHSL Science GK Questions With Answers

SSC CHSL Science GK Questions With Answers

Important Science GK Questions Answers For SSC CHSL

  1. Air is completely removed from an electric bulb to prevent- Oxidation of Filament
  2. A transformer is a device for- Stepping up or down voltage
  3. The advantage of AC over DC is that- It can be transmitted over long distance with minimum power loss
  4. Curie is a unit of- Radioactivity 
  5. Power of lens is measured in- Dioptre
  6. A steel ball floats on mercury because- The density of mercury is higher than that of steel
  7. Raindrops are spherical due to- Surface tension
  8. Speed of sound highest in which medium- Iron
  9. Bat can fly in dark because they- Produce ultrasonic waves
  10. Which vitamins helps in the formation of collagen- Vitamin C
  11. The enzyme pepsin is inactive in stomach without the presence of- Hydrochloric Acid
  12. Right part of the human heart contains- Deoxygenated blood
  13. In human each kidney has large number of filtration units called- Nephrons
  14. The junction between two neurons is called- Synapse
  15. Female reproductive organ in flowering plant is- Carpel 
  16. The number of autosomes in a human body cell is- 44
  17. Only__% of the energy can be transferred from one trophic level to the next trophic level- 10%
  18. The breakdown of pyruvate to give carbon dioxide, water and energy take place in- Mitochondria
  19. Where is bile produced- Liver
  20. The element present in the largest amount in rocks and mineral is- Silicon
  21. The most important ore of aluminium is- bauxite
  22. An alloy used in making heating elements for electric heating devices is- nichrome
  23. Diamond is an allotropic form of- Carbon 
  24. Balloons are filled with- helium
  25. Gobar gas contains mainly- Methane
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