SSC CHSL 2018: Most Important Indian Polity GK Questions Answers

Check out the most important Indian Polity GK which repeatedly asked in the exams of SSC CHSL and CGL. As we know the both the exams are approaching near many of aspirants have been searching for Indian Polity general knowledge. Here we listed 25 questions with answers which were asked in previous exams of SSC CHSL. As per the SSC pattern 20-30% mostly asked from the previous year exams. So without any wasting of time check out the most highlighted Indian Polity questions with their answers hope it will works for you.

SSC CHSL 2018 Indian Polity GK Questions Answers

SSC CHSL 2018 Indian Polity GK Questions Answers

Indian Polity GK For SSC CHSL 2018

  1. How many times was the preamble of the constitution amended- Once
  2. An ordinance issued by Governor is subject to approved by- The State Legislature 
  3. When did the Constituent Assembly adopt National Anthem- 24th Jan 1950
  4. The president of India is an integral part of the- Parliament
  5. How many fundamental duties are there in our Indian Constitution- 11
  6. In which year was Anti-Defection Bill passed by the Indian Parliament-1985
  7. Which Article of the Constitution enjoins the State to establish Village Panchayat- Article 40
  8. In which year were the states reorganized on a linguistic basis- 1956
  9. Who has got the power to create All India Services- The Parliament
  10. In the provisional Parliament of India, how many members were there- 296
  11. Who admits a new State to the Union of India- Parliament
  12. Union Public Service Commission has to submit the report to the- President
  13. If the President declares emergency then this proclamation must be approved by the Parliament within- One month
  14. Which fundamental right is abolished by the 44th Amendment- Right to Property
  15. Rajya Sabha member has tenure of__years-6
  16. What does the wheel in the National Flag represent- Truth
  17. From which country’s constitution the Fundamental duties adopted- USSR Constitution
  18. During an emergency all of the fundamental rights are suspend except- Personal liberty & Right to life
  19. How many Rajya Sabha members, the President of India can nominate-12
  20. Who can initiate the process of removal of the President before the expiry of his term- Both the houses of parliament
  21. How many members of the Rajya Sabha are elected every two years- One third
  22. The drafting committee wrote the Indian Constitution in which language- English and Hindi
  23. In which year the first five year plan launched in India- 1951
  24. Fundamental duties are included in the Indian Constitution by the amendment- 42nd
  25. Who elects the members of Rajya Sabha- Elected members of the Legislative Assembly
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