SSC CHSL 2018: Important Physics GK Questions Answers

Here we compiled the most important Physics GK which repeatedly asked in the exams of SSC CHSL and CGL. As we know the both the exams are approaching near many of aspirants have been searching for Physics general knowledge. Here we listed 25 questions with answers which are expected to ask in these coming exams. So without any wasting of time check out the most highlighted Physics questions with their answers hope it will works for you.

SSC CHSL Important Physics GK Questions Answers

SSC CHSL Important Physics GK Questions Answers

Important Physics GK Questions Answers

  1. The value of Escape velocity from Earth’s gravitation into space is- 11km/sec
  2. Which instrument detect the presence of infrared rays- Bolometer
  3. Which instrument converts sound energy into electrical energy- Microphone
  4. Mach number is defined as- Speed of the object/Speed of sound
  5. The unit of luminous intensity is- Candela
  6. When a wire of high resistance is connected in series with a galvanometer, it is converted into- Voltmeter
  7. German silver is an alloy of- Copper, zinc and nickle
  8. Why is the core of a transformer laminated-  To prevent the formation of eddy currents
  9. The SI unit of electrical capacitance is- Farad
  10. A galvanometer gets converted into a ammeter- When a wire of low resistance is connected in parallel with coil of galvanometer.
  11. Which safety device which automatically turns off when current in a circuit exceeds the safe limit- Miniature Circuit Breaker
  12. Which mirror/lens is used as reflector in headlights of the car- Concave mirror
  13. The brilliant red color of rising and setting sun is due- Scattering of light
  14. What is the name of the device used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy- Electric Motor
  15. Solar eclipse occurs- When the moon passes in front of the sun, blocking it out partially or completely
  16. Rainbow is formed due to__of sunlight by water droplets- Dispersion
  17. When light falls on a metal, electrons are ejected from the surface of the metal due to a phenomenon which is known- Photoelectric effect
  18. Rutherford is a unit of- Radioactivity 
  19. The energy released by sun and other stars is due to- Nuclear Fusion
  20. Einstein’s Mass energy equivalence is based on- Theory of relativity
  21. The branch of science which is related to the study of sound is called- Acoustics
  22. The repeated reflection that results in persistence of sound is called- Reverberation
  23. The audible range of frequency of sound is- 20Hz to 20,000Hz
  24. Curie is a unit of- Radioactivity 
  25. Power of lens in measured in- Dioptre
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  1. Very Good Notes provided on Physics.

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