SSC CHSL 2018: Most Important Chemistry Questions For Govt Exams

Check out the most important Chemistry GK for upcoming competitive exams. Here we compiled the most important Chemistry 25 questions which repeatedly asked in the exams of SSC CHSL and CGL. As we know the both the exams are approaching near many of aspirants have been searching for Physics general knowledge. Here we listed 25 questions with answers which are expected to ask in these coming exams. So without any wasting of time check out the most highlighted Chemistry questions with their answers hope it will works for you.

Most Important Chemistry Questions For SSC CHSL

SSC CHSL Most Important GK Questions

SSC CHSL Most Important GK Questions

  1. Terylene is a condensation polymer of Terephthalic acid and- Ethylene Glycol
  2. The highest grade and best quality coal is- Anthracite
  3. The element present in the largest amount in rocks and mineral is- Silicon
  4. The most important ore of aluminium is- Bauxite
  5. An alloy used in making heating elements for electric heating devices is- Nichrome
  6. Diamond is an allotropic form of- Carbon
  7. Balloons are filled with- Helium
  8. The element common to all acid is- Hydrogen
  9. Gobar gas contains mainly- Methane
  10. The most abundant metal in the earth’s crust is- Aluminium 
  11. Tetraethyl lead is used as- Petrol additive
  12. The pungent smell of garlic is due to- Sulphur Compound 
  13. The light emitted by firefly is due to- Burning of phosphorus 
  14. Carbonated beverages such as soft drinks and soda water contains mainly- Carbon Dioxide
  15. Commercially vulcanisation of rubber involves- Sulphur
  16. Which substance/chemical is used in the preparation of antiseptic solution- Iodine
  17. Contact lenses are made of- Lucite
  18. Which agent is added to domestic LPG cylinder to help in the detection of gas leakage- Thioethanol
  19. Which compound was responsible for the epidemic form of disease called Minamata Disease- A mercury compound
  20. Sodium stearate is a salt and is used- to make soap
  21. Which gas is used to artificially ripen the fruits- Ethene
  22. Which gas was leaked in Bhopal Gas Tragedy- Methy Isocyanate
  23. Which gas is filled in Air conditioners- Freon
  24. Who is regarded as father of modern chemistry- Lavoisier
  25. The green color seen in fireworks display is due to the chloride salt of- Barium
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