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Kids Quiz: Science Quiz Test For Class 3rd Students

Wow, this is a really awesome way to find quality time with your kids. Spend quality of time with your kids and provide them some quality study in fun loving way. Here we brought you 10 quiz questions which covered basic science knowledge. Play the quiz with your kids in free time that’s quite interesting way to raise your kids knowledge. Not only for knowledge even this will encourage your kids to participate in any quiz competition that is usually organized by the schools.

Science Quiz Test For Class 3

Science Quiz Test For Class 3

Question #1: The Ozone layer lies in the

Question #2: Which planet is nearest to the earth

Question #3: Maximum gas present in the atmosphere

Question #4: What is moon

Question #5: How many layers are in the atmosphere

Question #6: What is the top color of rainbow

Question #7: How many planets are currently in the solar system

Question #8: Chemical formula of water is

Question #9: What is the pH value of pure water

Question #10: Which acid is present in lemon

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