SSC CGL Previous Year GK Questions With Answers

As we know SSC CGL combined graduate level exams is approaching near, many of aspirants may have been started searching for previous year asked gk questions. Here we compiled the most important previous year GK questions with answers in part 3. These are the questions which are asked in the year 2016-17 and expected to repeat in the coming SSC combined graduate level exam. So without any wasting of time let’s have quick read on SSC CGL last year asked GK questions.

SSC CGL 2018 Previous Year GK Questions Answers

SSC CGL 2018 Previous Year GK Questions Answers

SSC CGL Previous Year GK Questions Answers

  1. The tag line ‘Do No Evil’ is owned by- Google
  2. Electric chair was invented by- Alfred P. Southwick
  3. Brain fever is a disease spread through- Mosquitoes 
  4. Mangroves are plants that have- Respiratory Roots
  5. Rodentia Sciurus is the scientific name of- Squirrel 
  6. The reactions in which oxidation and reduction occur simultaneously are called- Redox Reactions
  7. Odisha’s world famous Konark Sun Temple was built by- Narsimhadeva 
  8. If cash reserve ratio decreases, credit creation will- Increase
  9. Device used for the detection and measurement of all types of radiation (alpha, beta and gamaa)- Geiger Counter
  10. Hematite is an ore/mineral or- Iron
  11. The study of universe is known as- Cosmology 
  12. The innovation theory of profit was proposed by-Schumpeter
  13. Who was the first Indian to be elected as the Member of the British House of Commons- Dada Bhai Naoroji
  14. Mohammed Bin Tughlaq transferred his capital from- Delhi to Devagiri
  15. During the reign of which dynasty was the Great Wall of China constructed- Chin
  16. Winds blowing constantly in one direction in rocky deserts form- Yardangs
  17. The reverse effect of X-ray emission is- Photo-electric effect
  18. Wheeler Island has been renamed as- Abdul Kalam Island
  19. Which is the biggest building at Mohenjodaro- Great Granary
  20. One of the common forms of representing remote sensing data as information is in the form of- Thematic Maps
  21. Bhakra Nagal Project is constructed across which river- Sutlej 
  22. The group of solar cells joined together in a definite pattern is called a- Solar Cell Panel
  23. Chemical composition of cement is- Limestone, Clay and Gypsum 
  24. A stretch of seas water, partly or fully separated by a narrow strip from the main seas is called- Lagoon
  25. Beginning from the Financial Year 2017-18 NITI Ayog plans to replace the 5 year plans with- 15 year Vision Document
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