SSC CGL Previous Year Asked GK Questions Answers

SSC CGL Last Year GK Questions With Solution: As we know SSC CGL 2018 combined graduate level exams is approaching near, many of aspirants may have been started searching for last year asked gk questions. Here we compiled the most important previous year GK questions with answers in part 3. These are the questions which are asked in the year 2016-17 and expected to repeat in the coming SSC combined graduate level exam. So without any wasting of time let’s have quick read on SSC CGL previous year asked GK questions.

SSC CGL Previous Year GK Questions Answers

SSC CGL Previous Year GK Questions Answers

SSC CGL Previous Year GK With Answers

  1. The Indian Parliament House was designed by- Edwin Lutyens
  2. Which drug is used as an Antidepressant- Bupropion 
  3. The orange color of carrot is because of- Carotene 
  4. Snake venom is highly modified saliva containing- Zootoxins 
  5. Heavy water is- Deuterium Oxide 
  6. Most airports in India are named after- Politicians 
  7. Madhya Pradesh has the highest number of reserve of which animal- Tiger
  8. The highest airport in India is- Leh airport
  9. World’s longest land border is between which two countries- Canada and USA
  10. Battle of Kannauj was fought in the year- 1540
  11. Which company developed Java- Sun
  12. Who established the foundations of the Quantum theory- Max Plank
  13. If in a motion, the axis of the rotation passes through an object, then the motion is called- Spin Motion
  14. Call sign of any aircraft carrying the Indian President is- Air India One
  15. Article 32 of the Indian Constitution “Remedies for enforcement of right conferred by this part”deals with- The Fundamental rights of the Indian Citizen
  16. Why do atoms bond- To reduce potential energy and gain stability
  17. Gaur dance is a popular folk dance of- Chhattisgarh
  18. Unemployment resulting from Industrial reorganization, typically due to technological change, rather than fluctuations in supply or demand is called- Structural unemployment
  19. Milbecycin is used in the eradication of- Agricultural Pest
  20. Name the first woman to become Chief Justice of a state High Court in India- Leila Seth
  21. Chandragupta Maurya was born in- 340 BC
  22. Earth revolves around Sun. Who was the 1st one to present this theory- Copernicus 
  23. Bahujan Samaj Party was founded in- 1984
  24. Who wrote the book “The Three Musketeers”- Alexander Dumas
  25. In which form is glucose stored in our body- Glycogen 
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