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Most Important Indian Polity GK PDF Download

Check out the most important Indian Polity GK which repeatedly asked in the each govt or competitive exams. As we know many competitive exams are approaching near many of aspirants have been started searching for Indian Polity general knowledge. Here we listed 30 questions with answers which were asked in previous various govt exams. So without any wasting of time check out the most important Indian Polity questions with their answers hope it will help you in upcoming exams. Download PDF

Indian Polity GK PDF Download

Indian Polity GK Questions Answers PDF

Indian Polity GK Questions Answers PDF

  1. Who is the chairman of the Lok Sabha- Speaker
  2. Which one of the following Articles empowers the President to appoint Prime Minister of India- Article 75
  3. The constituent assembly formed the drafting committee of India constitution on- 29th August 1947
  4. Which of the following exercised the most profound influence in framing the Indian Constitution- The Government of Indian Act 1935
  5. A Money Bill passed by the Lok Sabha is deemed to have been passed by the Rajya Sabha also when no action is taken by the Upper House within- 14 Days
  6. The Chief Election Commissioner of India holds office for a period of- For 6 years or the age of 65 years whichever is earlier
  7. The tenure of every Panchayat shall be for five years from the date of- Declaration of the election results
  8. What does Articles 17 of the Constitution- Untouchability 
  9. Who decides disputes relating with the allotment of symbols to Political Parties- Election Commission 
  10. The term of Member of Rajya Sabha is- 6 Years
  11. Finance Commission in India are set up from time to time- For transfer of economic resources from center to states
  12. Who decides whether a bill is a Money Bill Or Not- Speaker of the Lok Sabha
  13. A federal structure of India was first put forward by the- Act 1919
  14. The chief election of commissioner can be removed from  his office- On the basis proved misbehavior by 2/3rd majority of both Houses of Parliament
  15. If the Speaker of the Lok Sabha intends to vacate his office before the expiry of his term, he sends his resignation to the- Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha
  16. In which case did the Supreme Court of India determine that the Parliament has power to make amendment in Fundamental Rights, but it cannot make any change in the basic structure of the Constitution- Keshvanand Bharti Case
  17. First woman judge to be appointed to Supreme Court was- M. Fathima Beevi
  18. Right to property according to Constitution of India is a- Legal Right
  19. Which of the following amendments in the Constitution of India are related with the institution of Panchayati Raj- 73rd and 74th
  20. The first five year plan in India was launched in the year- 1951
  21. Who is the Chief Law Officer of India- Attorney General 
  22. Who was the Chairman of the Draft Committee of the Constituent Assembly- Dr. B.R Ambedkar
  23. When did Constituent Assembly adopt a national flag- 22nd July 1947
  24. Who was the last British Governor General who addressed the Constituent Assembly- Lord Mount Batten
  25. When was the Constituent of India adopted by the Constituent Assembly- 26th Nov 1949
  26. The first Election Commissioner of India was- Sukumar Sen
  27. The Speaker of the Lok Sabha- Votes only in case of tie
  28. First state of India which was created on linguistic basis- Andhra Pradesh
  29. During which Five Year Plan was Green Revolution initiated in India- 6th
  30. Which law officer shall have the right to speak in both the House of Parliament- Attorney General
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