Maurya Dynasty GK Questions PDF Download

Mauryan Empire Based GK Questions Answers: Here we compiled the list of most important questions which are based on Maurya dynasty. Generally, there is one or two questions are asked from this topic. As we know most highly target competitive exams are going to be held in couple of months. So for that purpose here we covered basic, moderate and high level questions from Mauryan and they definitely gonna help you in other competitive exams. Download PDF

Maurya Dynasty GK Questions PDF

Maurya Dynasty GK Questions

Maurya Dynasty GK Questions

  1. Who was the founder of Maurya Dynasty- Chandra Gupta Maurya
  2. What was the period of rule of Chandra Gupta Maurya- 324 to 300 B.C
  3. Chandra Gupta Maurya was born to a Sudra women called- Mura
  4. Who wrote Arthasastra (in Sanskrit)- Kautilya
  5. Who wrote Indica (in Greek)- Megasthenes
  6. Mudrarakshasa was written by- Vishaka Datta
  7. Chanakya was humiliated by- Nandas
  8. Chandra Gupta Maurya defeated Nandas with the help of- Chanakya 
  9. Who was the last Nanda ruler defeated and killed by Chandra Gupta Maurya- Dhana Nada
  10. Who defeated Selucus Nikator in 305 BC on the bank of the Sindhu- Chandra Gupta Maurya
  11. What was the period of rule of Bindusara- 300-273 B.C
  12. Who married Helina, daughter of Selucus Nikator- Chandra Gupta Maurya
  13. Who had the title to Amitraghata- Bindusara
  14. Who was the Ambassador of Selucus Nikator in the court of Chandra Gupta Maurya- Megasthenes
  15. Who dug Sudarsana lake in Gujarat- Chandra Gupta Maurya
  16. Chandra Gupta Maurya was follower of- Jainism 
  17. Chandra Gupta Maurya abdicated the thrown and went to Sravanabelagola along with Jaina saint- Badrabhau
  18. Where did Chandragupta Maurya died by following Jaina ideal Sallekhana- Sarvana Belagola (Karnataka)
  19. Who received a Greek Ambassador Deimachus from  Antiochus I- Bindusara
  20. What was the period of rule of Ashoka- 273-236 B.C
  21. When did Kalinga war take place- 261 B.C
  22. Where did Kalinga war take place- Dhauli
  23. What was the religious sect followed by Bindusara- Ajivika
  24. Who influenced Ashoka to follow Buddhism- Upagupta
  25. During whose reign revolt in Taxila took place- Bindusar
  26. Ashoka was the son of- Bindusara and Subharangi
  27. What was the court language of Ashoka- Prakrit or Pali
  28. Which coins belonged to Mauryan period- Pana, Masika, Kakini
  29. Who built the city of Srinagar in Kashmir- Ashoka
  30. Which of the following states that Ashoka came to power after killing his 99 brothers- Dipavamsa
  31. The famous Ashoka pillar containing a sculpture of four lions standing back to back located at- Sarnath
  32. Who was the last ruler of Maurya dynasty- Brihadratha
  33. Who killed Brihadratha in 185 B.C- Pushyamithra Sunga
  34. Who deciphered Ashokan edicts in 1837- James Princep
  35. What were the two popular assemblies of Mauryan period- Paura and Janpada
  36. Who brought Kausambi pillar to Calcutta- Jahangir
  37. The only edict which mentions the name Ashoka- Maski
  38. The edict which mentions the Ashoka’s faith in Buddhism- Bhabru Edict
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