GK For 2nd Class/Standard PDF Download

GK PDF For 2nd Class Students: Provide your kids little bit extra knowledge. Make your child bright and wisest amongst all by spending quality of time with them. Little children are so curious and some parents faced with the challenge of motivating their child to read or learn. Apart of studying give them knowledge about major events, incidents and famous things about the world. Here we are covering some important knowledge that you must share with your kids.Download PDF

2nd Standard GK PDF

GK For 2nd Class Students PDF Download

GK For 2nd Class Students PDF Download

  1. How many planets solar system consists- 8
  2. Who invented the telephone- Alexander Graham Bell
  3. The energy of sun comes from the fusion of- Hydrogen and Helium
  4. Who has written the national anthem of India- Rabindranath Tagore
  5. How many colors are in a rainbow- 7
  6. Which planet is closest to Earth- Venus
  7. Moonlight takes time to reach earth- 1.3 Sec
  8. How many layers are there in atmosphere- 5
  9. How much time that Sunlight takes to reach Earth- 8 Min 16.6 Sec
  10. Which planet is called Earth’s twin- Venus
  11. First Indian to climb Mount Everest- Bachendri Pal
  12. Mount Everest is located in- Nepal
  13. Who designed national flag of India- Pingali Venkayya
  14. Where is the parliament of India- New Delhi
  15. Char Minar is located in which city- Hyderabad
  16. Which two major rivers make biggest delta in the world- Ganga and Brahmaputra
  17. Who gave the title of bapu to Gandhiji- Subash Chandra Bose
  18. What is the name of the shortest bone in the human body- Stapes
  19. The longest river in India- Ganga
  20. How many states are there in India- 28
  21. What is the national fruit of India- Mango
  22. Which is national game of India- Hockey 
  23. Where is Hawa Mahal located- Jaipur
  24. How many spokes does the wheel in Indian Flag have- 24
  25. Which is the largest bone in human body- Femur
  26. What is the ratio of the width of the Indian Flag to its length- 2:3
  27. After how many days of dussehra, Diwali comes- 20
  28. Name the Prime Minister of India- Narendra Modi
  29. How many UT’s in India- 7
  30. Name the President of India- Ramnath Kovind
  31. Who is the first citizen of India- President of India
  32. Who is the 2nd citizen of India- Vice-President of India
  33. Who is the 3rd citizen of India- Prime Minister of India
  34. How many continents are in the world- 7
  35. Who Climbed Mount Everest First- Edmund Hillary, Tenzing Norgay
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